Is Your Website Designed to Attract Customers?

How many prospective customers leave your website without expressing an interest in buying from you? If you don’t have a way to get back to them, they may never return. Following up with your website visitors is as simple as keeping in touch via email. You can get their email address by simply adding a sign up form on your website.

Having a sign up form on your website is one of the easiest ways to optimize your website for conversions. You can’t expect your website visitors to be interested in what you have to offer just because you have a nice looking website. Your ideal customers want to purchase from someone they trust, and in order to build that trust you need to focus on developing a relationship with them. Capture their name and email address, develop a relationship by sending them valuable emails, and expect your conversion rate to increase.

Why would a website visitor give you their email address?

The answer is because you will offer them something of value in exchange for it. All you need to is offer your website visitors a coupon, free report, a chance to be on your special offer list, etc. and many of them will sign up.

You do not have to manually keep track of hundreds of email addresses, because you can use what’s called an autoresponder system to do all the hard work for you. The autoresponder system will also generate the sign up form code to add to your website. Once someone signs up, they will automatically receive pre-written emails that you added to your autoresponder system…and the best part is that you can set the system to send out the emails at the exact time that you specify.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to build a relationship with your website visitors. Adding a sign up form to your website and following up with your website visitors is a very effective sales increasing strategy. The easiest way to do this is to utilize an autoresponder system like Aweber.


About Vernita Sherman

I oversee the operations of IMG Consulting, LLC, and assist our clients with improving operational efficiency and online marketing initiatives. At IMG Consulting, our mission is to empower black owned companies with effective marketing strategies, business development, and compliance initiatives that are based on solid processes for efficient revenue growth, and sustainable relationships.
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