A Basic Introduction to SEO

Along your journey of knowing how to get an online presence, I’m certain that you have asked yourself the question, “What is SEO?” Well SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – that means to optimize your web property so it will be indexed and placed in the search engine result’s natural list.

There are numerous search engines on the web, but Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the top three. Many beginners make the mistake of thinking that they can just pay the search to be included in search engine list of results. This isn’t true! You can’t pay them to be listed in their natural search results (the primary list that folks look at). Your online property must be optimized in precisely the way the search engines’ computerized system likes for it to be if you want it included on the list.

Step one to making this occur is to correctly optimize your site in order for it to get indexed. Google (as well as other search engines) does have what’s called a PPC promotional program where you can pay for inclusion into their funded lists, but your site still must be optimised in a certain way to be on this list too.

When you go to Google and type in a keyword phrase for something, the list of results are websites, blogs, articles, promotional releases, videos, and so on that’ve been indexed in Google. Before those webpages are placed in the index, Google’s robot (often referred to as a spider) “crawls” the content on each one of the pages. After the pages are in the index, Google’s robot then sets the relevancy of each webpage to the keyphrase that was employed, listing the pages ranked by relevancy to that term. Let’s imagine that somebody is looking in Google for the phrase fashion designer. In this example, you may have a website that’s really applicable to the term fashion designer, but if the pages of your fashion design site isn’t search engine optimized correctly for Google, then none of your webpages will be listed in the results. Your ideal customers will be unable to find your site. Regardless of whether your site has the proper SEO elements on it, it can take a lot of time to get it listed on the 1st page of results for certain popular terms. There are several factors that come into play which decides your ranking in Google, and particular things that have to be done on your website and indirectly to your site to get the specified results.

SEO that improves the pages of your site is called “on page optimization“; while improving your site indirectly thru diverse online marketing methodologies (link building and social media activity) is called “off page optimization”. You must utilize both to rank higher than your competition.


About Vernita Sherman

I oversee the operations of IMG Consulting, LLC, and assist our clients with improving operational efficiency and online marketing initiatives. At IMG Consulting, our mission is to empower black owned companies with effective marketing strategies, business development, and compliance initiatives that are based on solid processes for efficient revenue growth, and sustainable relationships.
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