Should I Create a Blog or Website?

Just like you, there are lots of entrepreneurs who are contemplating if they should create a website or blog. Prior to making a call about having a blog vs website, let’s talk about what a blog really is.

A genuine blog is nothing more than web logs where an individual writes content called posts on a particular subject. The posts are in sequential order and include the date it was posted.

Every time you post content to your blog, your blog visitors can write comments about what you have written. Having this type of interaction with your website visitors is great as it allows you to build a community that people can come back to.

Blogs have come a long way from just being a one page log of many posts and comments. Now you can have what some like to call a regular or “static” web site made on blog platform. The great thing about this is that you now don’t have to have two separate sites – you may have a blog and regular site one platform and on the same domain. Having a blog incorporated with your web site on the same domain is the most highly effective way of doing things.

If you’ve got a separate blog that is not on your domain, your main web site will not benefit from all the search engine optimization power that your blog creates for your domain. This power is formed due to all the new blog posts which will reside on your domain. The search engines love when a site posts new content.

When you make a site that has a blog on the same domain, your web sites Page-rank and authority will increase. Put as simply as possible, Google and the other search engines will adore your website and give it a higher rank on their results list.

Being that visitors have the ability to make comments under your posts will also help with a rise in your authority. Another benefit to having a blog is that you can set it up to automatically add social media sharing buttons under your posts. These buttons remind your visitors to share your posts with their followers on social media sites.

This gives you a link from their social media page to your web page, causing a rise in traffic to your site.

So why not just create a blog?

There are a lot of benefits to having a blog, but there are some drawbacks too.

Old blog entries won’t look important because of the date on them (as well as it will be harder for your visitors to find those old posts), and the home page itself will not be targeted enough to be a correctly formatted home page.

Blogs are superb adding original content to your site, but their layout makes it harder for visitors to find what they are looking for. The very last thing you need is for your significant info to be troublesome to find. That is the reason why you have got to create static web pages (AKA “regular webpages”) where the content stays on the page instead of “falling off the page” like a blog post ultimately would.

What you can do is use your blog post to broadcast the content that you create on a static webpage. By doing this you’re also making your web site more SEO friendly, because now you have more internal links on your website.

When you create a website, it is important that your home page is concentrated on a clear call to action. By having a blog, the content on your home page will continuously change whenever you make a post, and that takes away from it being targeted.

So the final analysis is this: You should not select between having a blog or website – you want to exploit having the advantages that both will give you when they’re on the same domain. The simplest way to do this is to create a wordpress site.


About Vernita Sherman

I oversee the operations of IMG Consulting, LLC, and assist our clients with improving operational efficiency and online marketing initiatives. At IMG Consulting, our mission is to empower black owned companies with effective marketing strategies, business development, and compliance initiatives that are based on solid processes for efficient revenue growth, and sustainable relationships.
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