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I oversee the operations of IMG Consulting, LLC, and assist our clients with improving operational efficiency and online marketing initiatives. At IMG Consulting, our mission is to empower black owned companies with effective marketing strategies, business development, and compliance initiatives that are based on solid processes for efficient revenue growth, and sustainable relationships.

Should I Create a Blog or Website?

Just like you, there are lots of entrepreneurs who are contemplating if they should create a website or blog. Prior to making a call about having a blog vs website, let’s talk about what a blog really is. A genuine … Continue reading

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How to Create a Sales Increasing Website for Your Business

When you decide that you want to create your own website, it can be tough to know what to do being that there are so many web design solutions on the out there. The simplest way to make a decision … Continue reading

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Website Optimization – How to Create an Optimized Website

If one was to ask a programmer or web site developer what website optimization is, their answer will make you think you were chatting to someone that spoke another language. They’re going to talk all about CSS code and java … Continue reading

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A Basic Introduction to SEO

Along your journey of knowing how to get an online presence, I’m certain that you have asked yourself the question, “What is SEO?” Well SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – that means to optimize your web property so it … Continue reading

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Is Your Website Designed to Attract Customers?

How many prospective customers leave your website without expressing an interest in buying from you? If you don’t have a way to get back to them, they may never return. Following up with your website visitors is as simple as … Continue reading

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